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Virtual 3D walk-around picture gallery $1499. (Holds nearly 200 images in a virtual walk around in cyberspace gallery written in VRML-2. Objects are clickable and can take the visitor directly to check out or an intermediate page with more information on the artwork.)
The Cortona Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides application programming interface that enables authors and developers to integrate ParallelGraphics' 3D technology into other applications using C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, and third party applications supported ActiveX technology (like MS Access, MS PowerPoint) as well as HTML applications.

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This is the programing and design portion of Delphi O.E.M. Co.

Here, you will find Delphi O.E.M. Co.'s examples and tutorials relating to programming and the internet.

Delphi O.E.M. Co. programs in, addresses or has an interest in many aspects of programming and business. Have a look at this keyword list below.
Those marked with * are tutorials
  • AutoSurf
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We maintain long term relationships with our clients. Many sites are updated on a daily basis.
All sites are rated with the internet content rating association, (formerly the recreational software advisory council.) These sites contain hundreds of affiliate sponserships.

We would be like to take on your entire project, and manage your web presence, or just help you build a simple page to establish your web presence and secure your name in cyberspace.

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Click to read comments by Tom Murphy (Editor-in-Chief of and the author of "Web Rules: How the Internet is Changing the Way Consumers Make Choices")

Member of ISOC, the Internet SOCiety.

Registered PayPal Developer.

Sites managed by

Nisqually Radio

Roll Top Supplies

Starla's Poms

Tony Douglas

E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke & D.J.

Delphi O.E.M. Co.
Our parent site featuring products and services unrelated to the internet.

Marilyn Newkirk Books
Author writes about the fifties and Spokane.

Half Moon Ssanitation

Trillium University Software Download Annex
Devoted to helping others find the software tools needed to learn.

Art Gallery
Here artworks are shown ranging from a sketch to computer graphics. This site also includes our 3D gallery with an interactive chess table. (Click on the drawers.)

Luthier (Guitar Maker)
Perhaps the worlds most expensive classic electric guitar, it may also be the best.

Randy Linder
We've helped Randy to learn image editing techniques, HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language, the language web pages are often written in) and Randy now does much of his own updating and modifying of his web pages.

African Butterfly Hair Clips
This site includes custom designed management software written in PHP and a product database allowing their staff to add, edit or delete new store items. We have helped them also to learn how to edit their images to remove backgrounds and size them correctly.

Periodic Table of the Elements
Hosted on a free server, this site shows off our JavaScript abilities with an interactive periodic table of the chemical elements. The site also includes a news feed and links to specific information on each element.

Housekeeping by Marcella

Center For Healing And Spiritual Renewal

Trillium University
A bit of an altruistic dream, this site is devoted to free education.

Some basic electronic components are presented here in 3D via VRML-2 as well as a ray-traced renderings of electronic circuits.


We have added a subdomain (yes, we can do that for your site too.) to FJD1 and made it exclusively a 3D virtual reality web site. Currently it opens to a developing world of about 100 buildings. Several of the buildings have artworks in them, many of them clickable, someopening to paypal for purchase.


Our music, and the music of a few friends.

Employmet for coders

Employment For Coders

Freelance Jobs Listing

Scriptlance Jobs Listing


XML Recipe Book

Authorized Dealer
Atomz Advanced Search Engine
Click here for information about purchasing and installing the Atomz search engine on your web site

Sample Virtual Gallery

This is it! Our interactive 3D gallery written in VRML-2. We can customize it to suit your needs and in a style to match your site. The 21st century way for artists to show off their paintings, photographs and drawings in a virtual walk-around gallery containing almost 200 individual images. Let us build your virtual gallery and link the art objects to your sales pages. Images can be animated or movie clips too!

We also create Google Gadgets
Click Here for an example of our fret calculator designed to help luthiers and musical stringed instrument makers. ...Which by the way, you are welcome to add to your site for free. (Simply copy and paste a line of code to wherever you want the calculator to display on your page.)
We also represent or associate with Timilen Company on projects.
Have a peek at their showcase software, The Herbs Project which provides an updatable database of information about herbs, their medicinal uses and recipes.

The Herbs Project

Internet Marketing Solutions and Mega Tools for Income Production. These programs can make you money advertising a variety of products.

Outsource your projects to thousands of programmers at
From a simple graphic to complex programs,
We are ready to handle the job.

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