VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

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Cortona SDK

The Cortona Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides application programming interface that enables authors and developers to integrate ParallelGraphics' 3D technology into other applications using C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, and third party applications supported ActiveX technology (like MS Access, MS PowerPoint) as well as HTML applications.

(If you do not see some images [like a fish tank.] to the right, then you may need to get a plugin for your browser.)

Free Download - Get Cortona VRML Client
The Cortona VRML Client.
A plugin for Explorer and Netscape etc., which permits the viewing of VRML pages such as the one you are currently visiting. (This is my favorite 'cause it works best with my IE5.5 browser.)

They also make VRML-Pad for those who wish to write in VRML.
Also free, a plugin called Blaxxun Contact.
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This is an example of VRML (virtual reality modeling language). VRML is used to produce virtual worlds and objects from a geometric description of the scene. I got the idea for this tank from seeing the examples done by some of our navy's grad. students as part of their coursework. Cool stuff, so I give you the link to their much larger project:

The Kelp Forest.
Check it out.

Also, I found this to be of interest regarding the construction industry:

Construction Projects etc.
From our Uncle Sam as well, so check it out too.

For those of you who have requested information on writing VRML code, I have begun writing a few simple example files for you to examine and learn from. The Tutorial is the result and is an on going project.
vrml01.html Tutorial

I have some additional VRML examples here:
vrml02.html Chess Table
vrml03.html Software Packaging
vrml04.html Beads
vrml05.html English Telephone Booth
vrml06.html Mira's Project.

I have added some VRML to the following sites also:

Virtual Antique Poster Gallery.
Virtual Art Gallery.
Virtual Gallery and VRML Siding Color Selector.

The following tools may be of interest to developers and designers interested in VRML:

Cortona SDK
Extrusion Editor
Internet Character Animator
Internet Model Optimizer
Internet Scene Assembler Pro 1.0
Internet Scene Assembler Pro 2.0
Internet Scene Assembler v. 1.0 unlock key
Internet Space Builder
Pocket Cortona
VrmlPad 2.0 Upgrade
VrmlPad v. 1.3
VrmlPad v. 2.0

Another of our projects is the virtual art gallery at

Virtual ArtGallery.

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