Virtual Reality Modeling Language

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(If after a moment, you do not see some images [like a bead.] to the right, then you may need to get a plugin for your browser.)

Free Download - Get Cortona VRML Client
The Cortona VRML Client.
A plugin for Explorer and Netscape etc., which permits the viewing of VRML pages such as the one you are currently visiting.

If you need professional help, send me an e-mail describing your needs and how to best contact you. I would enjoy creating VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) worlds or objects for your use possibly in catalogs on CD's or at your website. Your current webmaster will have no problem incorporating them into your site. VRML allows linking to other files etc., so it is possible to have the object link just like any other button or word in html. Text and motion are also features of VRML which may be added, as well as video and audio effects/clips. VRML is not the ultimate means of creating digital images, but it is extremely impressive in its ability to create an interactive 3D enviroment or object. If you need single images or an animation, raytracing is better, but if you want the object to be able to be examined from all sides or walked through like a virtual building, then VRML is the way to go.

I am available for $60/hr. The bead objects you see here are representative of about ten minutes work (each/averaged. I will be happy to bid on projects if requested.)

F. Davies
(360) 352-0242
ICQ 43536012


This is an example of VRML (virtual reality modeling language). If you click on the bead, it will go to the next of four more beads. VRML is used to produce virtual worlds and objects from a geometric description of the scene. For more information on the software used, please visit
If you are interested in obtaining similar works for your own site, or assistance with site design please give me a call at: (360) 352-0242
Or send an Email describing your needs and how I might contact you.
For further information, contact: