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F. Davies
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©2001           ‘Puget Sound Flight’          F. Davies

"Puget Sound Flight" by F. Davies 2001
The individual frames were produced as ray tracings, converted in format, and then assembled into a single GIF animation file. For more information on the software used, please visit
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Or send us an Email describing your needs and how we may contact you.
As our thank you for; reading through all this, and your consideration, we present you with a short animation for your ammusement.
You may not redistribute it with out crediting the artist (F. Davies) and may not sell nor use it in any commercial sense. It does not require any viewer, and runs under windows as a self contained thing, without need for installation.
It is called "Saucer Acrobatics", but the true file name is "bat3.exe"
Click to Download "bat3.exe"
Note: no "security certificate" is provided with this, as we have used "Gypsee" to convert it to an "executable" (program). As it is too large to run it from where it is, and should be saved, then run.
For further information, contact: