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Artworks by the staff of IryStyle

As US representative of IryStyle we offer their following development services to you:
  • Presentation graphics and video.
  • 3d or 2d modeling of process.
  • Advertisement projects.
  • Representative animation.
  • Flash animation.
  • 3d modeling.
  • Web site design.
  • Design.
  • Various graphic objects on CD, DVD.
  • Objects libraries for stylist and designers.
  • Other graphic, animation or video projects. IryStyle brings over two dozen highly skilled animators, animation engineers, and artists to your projects.

IryStyle has 6-years of operational experience in architectural design, animation and design for TV, 3D design, and various graphic advertisements.

They employ a variety of high-quality technical aids. The average age of our specialists is 30 years.

They are bright, creative and award-winning.

Some of their animation works have won special prizes.
For an example of my personal work click here.
If you need professional help, send us an e-mail describing your needs and how to best contact you.
We take good care of our customers and friends.

F. Davies
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We have recently joined forces with IryStyle of the Ukraine.

This vastly improves our ability to provide programming and design services. The range of languages, operating systems, and design tools at our disposal is wide and covers the popular standards.

Whether you are considering the design of sites, a banner, or custom complex process control software to revitalize your manufacturing process, Our new partners, IryStyle, may be a part of the solution.
Click for gallery of examples.

Their staff is young and strong in math.
We are proud to tell you that they exhibit a mature artistic talent as well. (It is one thing to have the tools, another thing to use them. They USE them! :)

So, join us in welcoming them aboard by considering us for your next graphics or software project. We think you will be as impressed as we were. Because IryStyle, is our kind of style, and we think it just might be yours too.

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You won't find folks beating our prices.
And you'll be impressed with the job we do together! -Frank

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