VML Vector Markup Language

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VML Vector Markup Language

Very Cool
Fast Graphics


Wow! Graphics, without the overhead of additional image files. Yes! These graphics are created simply by using vector markup language. They are not images, but are created by your machine when you view the page.

Pages load much faster when the simple graphics are created on the spot instead of being downloaded over what may be a slow internet connection.

We can create this code for your pages. Shapes of all sorts, fill colors, and patterns are possible.

Call us at (360) 352-0242 and let us know your needs. We will give you a price quote for the work and start immediatly!

If you would like to try it yourself, review the specifications at w3.org (The folks who brought you the World Wide Web.)
You have found an egg! Click here to find a program which writes the code for you, well... sort of. The VML Generator
For further information, contact: fjdavies@yahoo.com