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This page was created using EFB2HTML to convert Exported Favorite Bookmarks into Hypertext.
Note: This is from my PERSONAL bookmarks (or favorites.) It is not intended to be any endorsement of the sites listed, nor is it intended to be a correct classification of sites by headings or topic. Like most, my bookmarks are always in a state of flux as new ones are hastily added on the fly, and broken ones not always deleted. Many are re-named to identify them, others are left completly ambigious, and often they are grouped incorrectly, as especially noted in hindsight. For those of you who wish to use EFB2HTML, I suggest making a single bookmark grouping for export later, and another for you more confidential or personal bookmarks. This way, you may select and export the group/folder confidently knowing you are not publishing links you would prefer to leave out and thus everyone won't know TOO much about you, such as; where you bank, the broker you use, where you work, etc.

If you publish your bookmarks online using EFB2HTML, send us an email with a link to your page and we will start making a list below linking to everyone's bookmarked favorites links page. Perhaps we will be included in your bookmarks somewhere? Cool, and thanks!

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