EFB2HTML Exported Favorite Bookmarks to Hypertext Markup Language

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something I wanted added as my
friends were complaining about
that very thing on my bookmarks
page! 2002-06-18 F. Davies
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EFB2HTML.EXE © F. Davies of Delphi O.E.M. Co. 2002

License is granted to any and all comercial enterprises for immediate use at the rate of one cent per conversion (any conversion refers to each change made to the input file and includes one cent per favorite listed in the source document.)

An alternative license is available by purchase through the website which will enable unlimited use for a single fee. All upgrades will be available to registered users free of charge.

All active members of Trillium University may use this program free of charge while involved in the University.

All students may use this program free of charge provided it is not used in a commercial way such as charging a fee for webmastering or distribution.

'Use', does not include the right to deconstruct this program nor use it in another. Such right must be seperately negotiated.

User assumes all, any, and every risk known or unkown which may be involved with the use of this program or its effects on files.

User may only redistribute this program if it is redistributed as a whole, and may not redistribute it for a fee, nor as parts of the whole. It is recommended that the original zipped or install program be used for this purpose to maintain the integrity of files.
If you need professional help, send me an e-mail describing your needs and how to best contact you.

F. Davies
(360) 352-0242
ICQ 43536012

An Example:

Coral colored text is removed.
Lime colored tags are added.
Yellow colored user supplied data is added.


<!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1>
<!-- This is an automatically generated file.
It will be read and overwritten.
Do Not Edit! -->
FOLDED ADD_DATE="1006043938">Religions</H3>
FOLDED ADD_DATE="1006043950">Ancient Texts</H3>
            <DT><A HREF="" 
Nag Hammadi Library Alphabetical Index</A>


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>User's Favorites Page Title</title>
<link rel=stylesheet href="User style.css" type="text/css"/></head>
        <DT><H3>Ancient Texts</H3>
            <DT><A HREF="" 
Nag Hammadi Library Alphabetical Index</A>

How to use it:

  1. Unzip it.
  2. Find the Install.exe program?
  3. Double click it to install.
  4. Find the installed program and after running it once, you will see a shortcut which you may copy to your start menu or desktop.
  5. From IE, click file, and then 'import and export'.
  6. Select next, then highlight EXPORT FAVORITES and next again.
  7. Select the folder you wish to export and continue.
  8. Choose the path and file to export it to. (Remember them!)
  9. Finish the export and close the browser IE.
  10. Now click the program to launch it.
  11. You will be asked for your name and registration code and the path and file names for the file you have just exported and the new file you wish to be created. (the old one remains as it was, unchanged.)
  12. You will also be asked for the title of your webpage, and the path/filename of your style sheet. (It is okay to leave either or both of them blank if you do not know, but may we suggest the title can be anything you like and that it is a good thing to have on a page.)
  13. The program will then process the file.
  14. If you encounter an error, try again and be sure to check the spelling in the path and file names.
  15. As the program keeps its information in the file efb2html.ini, you may delete it and the program will reinitialize and walk you through the data gathering portion again. this may be important, so try it if all else fails, but remember you will need your registration key number again.
  16. If you keep using the same information (path filenames etc.) the program will allow you to run the process with just a single keystroke ("y" for 'yes') and it will proceed as it did before. This is handy and straight forward. Remember to enter the path etc. as you wish it to remain for later uses and running this is a breeze!
  17. This has only been tested on my machine, using an Intel MMX running WIN98. It may work on others confusers also. Tell me if it does? It was written using QBasicExtended7.1, (quickly.) Error routines will be improved in a future release, and thus will prevent the user from having to launch the program again after entering improper data. I am considering porting it to Java and if anyone suggests other ports or wants access to the source code please send me a letter via email.


This first tool is an early beta release. Originaly written to speed up the process of removing attributes and adding tags, for our own use, it is now available to you for download. If you intend to use it in any comercial way or within any business environment you are required to register it for $19.95, or remit 1¢ per tag modification. Professional educators are considered non-commercial for this agreement. Religous organizations are considered commercial for this agreement. Use of the program is prima facia evidence of your agreeing to these terms.

Screen Shot of EFB2HTML running.
Click to view a sample page created using EFB2HTML
Turns your IE Exported FAVORITES into a real webpage, adding html, head, style, and body tags while removing the date_last_visited kind of attributes and letting you add your own title and stylesheet path/name.
For further information, contact:

© 2002 F. Davies
Delphi O.E.M. Co.
All rights reserved