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Website Design.
  1. Preliminary
  2. Design your site
  3. Uploading files.
  4. Testing your site.
  5. More... commerce
  6. Advanced graphics

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Here it is!
Step by step instructions for mouse over effects and linking to cool buttons and stuff like that there.

Building buttons and links

1. Button graphics

These buttons have just been drawn.
More are to be made. Notice the one which is blank, and if you make something like these, save one away which is plain and without any text.

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Webings are a great way to surf the web by topic, and a good method of getting your pages noticed for webmasters.


Trillium University maintains an archive at for software (and links to downloads) which you might find benificial.

Download free software and computer tools.

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Step by step instruction for creating a website.

1. Preliminary steps
Basic computer skills and resources are needed to begin.

Your local school or public library may provide online access for those who do not yet own a computer. You should begin by familarizing yourself with the basic operation of your computer, and its programs.

To effectively use the tools at your disposal you should begin by reading the tutorials and help files associated with a given program. You will need to understand how to use a text editing program. You shold also gain skill in the use of graphics software. Software to create music and record may also be added to your list of programs to learn.

Programs are run under an operating system (which is responsible for memory management of your computer.) You will need to have an understanding of its use. Be able to: move, copy, delete and create files and folders. Your computer's operating system should have help available to you. You should be able to install and uninstall software, as well as use your disk drives for storage and retrevial of data and programs.

Basic skills in hand, you are now ready to install the software which will be needed to work online.

    Basic software aquisition.

  • Text Editor
    If you are a Windows user, you may find the program Notepad to be all that is needed to begin writing your own web pages. (Assuming you know what to write.) Other text editors you may find helpful include CodeMax which permits editing of columns of text and SynEdit which is capable of replacing blocks of text through many open files at once.
    (See TU Archives [text editors] for more information.)

  • Graphics Editor
    Again, Windows users, may find the program Paint to be all that is needed to begin creating graphics for your web pages. (Assuming you can draw with a mouse.)
    (See TU Archives [graphics] for more graphics software.)

  • Internet Service Provider

    There were numerous free providers a short time ago. You will need a service provider to connect to the internet. For those online thhrough a public computer, you will only need to find a site which is willing to host your site. There are still many doing this for free, try Hypermart or Netfirms by clicking on their banners further down on this page.

  • File Transfer Protocal

    While not always required, it is highly recomended that you use a program to upload your files with. Many site providers will have a page from which you can move your files to their computer.

  • User Agents

    Yes, Windows users, may find the program Internet Explorer able to view your web pages, but it is recomended that pages be viewable with other agents. We recomend using more than one, but definitly including Netscape.

Much of this software may be found at The Software and Downloads Archive of Trillium University at:

In addition, you may also wish to use several more programs for more advanced design concepts, such as a client side image mapper, a MIDI writer, or an HTML page editor.

  1. Preliminary
  2. Design your site
  3. Uploading files.
  4. Testing your site.
  5. More...

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