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Click for more information on Neotrace

The high-speed graphical traceroute with integrated whois and ping. It is extremely fast, simple to use and returns a wealth of information. NeoTrace is very popular for detecting network problems and finding net information, as well as being a great tool for spam hunters.
NeoTrace 2.12a - Single User $29.95
NeoTrace 2.12a - 5 User License $98.00
NeoTrace 2.12a - 10 User License $158.00
NeoTrace 2.12a - 25 User License $316.00
NeoTrace 2.12a - 50 User License $480.00


Click for more information on NeoLite

Compress, encrypt and protect your programs. Reduce the size of your 32-bit Windows programs by up to 70%. Programs compressed with NeoLite are permanently stored in compressed form, reducing network traffic, decreasing load time and protecting your programs from decompilers, resource rippers and other hacking. The compression is automatic and completely invisible to the user. Designed for software developers.
NeoLite 2.0 Single User License $124.95
NeoLite 2.0 Enterprise 5 Users $329.95


Click for more information on NeoSpace
NeoSpace makes use of NeoLite technology to provide an easy, automated solution for individual users. NeoSpace compresses existing programs installed on your computer, allowing you to recover needed disk space. Ideal for laptops and other systems for which adding new hard drives is not an option.
Data Compression Library - DOS $275.00
Data Compression Library - Win32 $350.00
Data Compression Library - NT Alpha $350.00
Data Compression Library - NT PowerPC $350.00
Data Compression Library - Win16 $350.00
Data Compression Library - DOS 32 $350.00
Data Compression Library - Solaris 2.x x86 $450.00
Data Compression Library - Mac System 7.x $450.00
Data Compression Library - Solaris 2.x Sparc $450.00
Data Compression Library - SCOŽ $450.00
Data Compression Library - UnixWareŽ $450.00
Data Compression Library - AIX $450.00
Data Compression Library - Linux $450.00
Data Compression Library - DigitalŽ Unix $450.00
Data Compression Library - Solaris 1.x Sparc $450.00


Click for more information on RemoteAnything
Remote-Anything can be used on many PCs simultaneously and is invisible to the remote user since it does not appear on the task list and loads at startup. Remote-Anything allows remote administration, instant training, interactive chat, user assistance and remote application sharing, as well as real stealth surveillance. Work on multiple remote computers at the same time. Remote Anything is very small and fast!
Remote Anything - Add Slave $20.00
Remote Anything Individual $49.00
Remote Anything - Add Master $80.00
Remote Anything - Extension Pack $99.00
Remote Anything Small Business $99.00


Click for more information on HackTracerTM
The first-of-its-kind intrusion detection application that "tracks the hacker"! Designed to reside on a stand-alone home or office PC, HackTracer works in the background, keeping a constant watch for attempts to "hack" into your system
Hack Tracer 780101 $39.95

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