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We can easily create Google Gadgets for inclusion on any website. Google Gadgets are listed at Google and may be included in user iGoogle home pages or other sites across the internet. To the right is an example of a gadget created from a JavaScript (we wrote) to calculate the distances to frets on guitars (something an instrument maker might find handy.) The gadget has multiple tabs with the ABOUT tab containing a link to Luthier. The sky is the limit on what a gadget might do, and as a gadget it may be made available to the public for inclusion on anyone's page such as a page at MySpace.

If you need professional help, send me an e-mail describing your needs and how to best contact you.

F. Davies
(360) 352-0242
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Fret Calculator Gadget
To include this gadget on your site, just copy and paste the following block of code.

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