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Welcome! Our recipe book is open to the public and you are welcome to browse the recipes and print them out for your use at home. Click on the View recipes link above to get started.

For those of you who would like to contribute, please feel free to upload and share your recipes with us. We require that you refrain from uploading anything other than a recipe and that all photos uploaded be suitable for general audiences (and be of the food of your recipe!) Images may be linked from other sites such as photobucket. Click on the Add a recipe link above to get started.

We will also be making the code used on this site available for those who have an interest in computer programming languages as well. This Recipe Book site makes use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, DTD, XSL and PHP in presenting and creating the recipes. Some of the earlier code used in the first version is already available and may be seen by clicking on the View the code link above to view the source the code.

Contact us if you are interested in putting a similar Recipe Book on your site and we will be happy to assist you for a fee of $199. We will customize it to suit your needs including changing the background, adding your site's title and images, and editing the catagories of recipes.


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